Today I celebrate the premier of Jazzy Vegetarian on National Public Television and the 100th episode of Jazzy Vegetarian Radio! Then I'll chat with Amanda Strombom, who is the president of one of the largest and most dynamic vegetarian organizations in America, Vegetarians of Washington. We’ll talk about how and why you can add more plant-based meal options into your daily diet plan. Along with Stewart Rose, Amanda has coordinated the Seattle Vegfest each year, as well as running monthly dinners, giving free nutrition and cooking classes, producing a monthly newsletter, and writing four books. She particularly enjoys helping people to make the change to a vegetarian diet. Amanda is the co-author of Say No To Meat. Amanda’s new book, Say No to Meat, dishes up straight talk on the facts of a meat-centered diet. With its lively, accessible approach, and over 35 easy recipes to get readers started, this book provides valuable information on key issues and explains why going veg is a fun, smart, and delicious choice.