We’re joined this week by Jason of From A Basement in Tulsa for some songs by an artist you’ve seen live. Tracks include: Shoreline by Daes Vail, Devil Without A Cause by Kid Rock, Evenflow by Pearl Jam, Gypsy by Fleetwood Mac, Bad by U2, Nessun Dorma by Chris Botti, Slow Motion by PHOX, Good Day At The Races by Hollerado, Mystery Achievement by Pretenders, and Pattern Against User by At The Drive-In.

Also on this episode: life after podcasting, sensory deprivation tanks, painting the sky, musical intricacies, wet blankets, Jason the Shaman, drug therapy, Inside Out, Sturgill Simpson, recording methods, dynamic range, music lessons, Turandot, home studio goals, and audio frequencies.

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Sturgill Simpson “All Around You” music video.

The theme for the March 7th episode is SONGS ABOUT MOVIES. They can be about a specific movie, going to the movies, or a film metaphor.

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Below is this week’s Spotify playlist. As always, thanks for participating.