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Zakk Wylde is a legendary hard rock and metal guitarist. From his work with Ozzy and Black Label Society to his current band, "Zakk Sabbath" he's worshiped as a metal god by many.

But did you know that Zakk is also hugely influenced by the blues. He sites Hendrix as one of his earliest influences and you can hear it in his playing. Lurking just below the high gain and high speed licks. there is a deeply soulful, blues loving guitar player behind it all.

Here's how much the blues have influenced Zakk; in 1995 he was invited to audition for one of the hardes rocking blues based bands of all time... Guns 'n Roses. Axel and company knew that Zakk had the soul of a blues man back then!

Listen closely to tracks like, "No More Tears", "Fire it Up" and "Losin' Your Mind" and you will hear some of the HEAVIEST blues playing ...EVER!

This week we dig a little deeper and discover the heart and soul of one of metal's greatest legends