I was recently putting together our entry for the British Podcast Awards, which involved editing together 5 clips, maximum 20 minutes. Once voting opens I will be asking you to vote for me so watch this space - specifically https://www.britishpodcastawards.com

In doing so I thought I would go ahead and put together an overall highlight package for the Oasis Podcast so far, touching on every episode. I also had a couple of interviews fall through so I was stuck without an episode this week!

Hence the attached show is based on some highlights of the first 15 episodes. I know a lot of new listeners have come on board recently so it's probably a good place to start as it will give you an insight into those early episodes, and then if you want to dig into them individually you can go ahead.

Stay In Touch, Stay Engaged, Stay Young

0:00 Message from Liam Gallagher & Shine On - Vision

0:17 Episode 1 - How I got into Oasis

3:47 Harry Enfield & Chums - Perry comes back from Manchester

6:18 Episode 2 - Oasis - All Around The World demo, update on Liam's song Bold

7:28 Liam Gallagher - Bold (in the pub)

8:18 Episode 3 - Interview with Casey Bennett (@moviemultiverse) discussing All Around The World

13:08 All Around The World = Boardwalk Rehearsal

13:24 Episode 4 - #FindOasisAHusband

14:45 Episode 5 - Oasis - Round Are Way (The White Room), interview with Mark Feltham on playing with Oasis at MTV Unplugged

18:30 Oasis - The Masterplan (MTV Unplugged)

18:48 Episode 6 - interview with Joel Dickman about Oasis' heaviest songs

21:03 Oasis - Aint Got Nothin'

21:21 Episode 7 - Interview with Brian Cannon on knocking about with Oasis

24:57 Episode 8 - Beady Eye - Four Letter Word (Live), interview with Chris from The StageLeft Podcast on meeting Liam at V Festival

28:00 Episode 9 - Oasis - Fade Away (Live), interview with Ant Antell, discussing seeing Oasis at The Roadmender, Northampton 1994

34:53 Episode 10 - Interview with Ken Womack... Ken gets distracted by a special delivery

38:29 Spitting Image - Haven't You Heard This Song Before

39:06 Episode 11 - Interview with Brian Garcia - questions from listeners about Brian's collection

43:11 Some Might Say - Demo

43:40 Episode 12 - Interview with Steve White - on meeting Oasis and his brother Alan White joining the band. 

43:56 Noel Gallagher & Paul Weller - Talk Tonight (The White Room)

48:52 Episode 13 - People's reactions after the Manchester bombing, and Liam's return. 

50:25 Don't Look Back In Anger - The Courteeners (Live at Old Trafford)

51:35 This Is The Place - Tony Walsh (Longfella)

 54:06 Liam Gallagher - Wall of Glass

54:31 Interview with Vivek Tiwary, seeing Oasis and meeting them in Philadelphia 1994

57:32 Episode 14 - Paolo Hewitt on covering the Be Here Now tour

1:00:54 Episode 15 - Tony McCarroll on meeting Liam again after the Supersonic premiere

1:04:39 Oasis - Stay Young