In this impromptu bonus episode, the guys welcome their friend Dustin Mattingly to discuss the breaking news involving Spider-Man being included in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. They also share their thoughts on the Fantastic Four trailer and touch on the latest news involving the Halloween franchise and the announcement that Jon Stewart is going to leave The Daily Show.

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Runtime: 1:10:52


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Show Start - 00:37


Introducing Dustin - 00:58

Spider-Man Goes to Marvel Studios - 03:45

Our Reactions to the Spidey News - 05:38

Comic Book Tangent - 09:30

Captain America: Civil War - 11:36

Is Civil War Too Big for One Movie? - 16:27

How the Marvel Schedule is Affected - 19:07

Peter Parker or Miles Morales? - 19:55

Baseless Conjecture - 22:53

Marvel Studios and Sony - 28:34

Who Should Direct and Star in Spider-Man (2017)? - 38:00


Thoughts on Fantastic Four’s Trailer - 45:50

Halloween Franchise “recalibration” News - 57:23

Jon Stewart leaving The Daily Show - 1:00:23


As Good As It Gets band plugs - 1:02:53

Pre-Recorded Outro/Contact Information - 1:09:05


Show Notes


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Fantastic Four Trailer

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