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I Don’t Know What Possessed Him

'Laura’s brother has become distant and strange. At first, she thinks he’s just imitating his weird, creepy missing friend, but quickly discovers that there’s something more sinister at play.'

Written by Mike Garley (

Narrated by Shara Jahnke (

Edited by Duncan Muggleton (

With music by Duncan Muggleton (

And Thom Robson (

And sound effects provided by

The episode illustration was provided by Luke Spooner of Carrion House (

A quick thanks to our community managers, Joshua Boucher and Jasmine Arch

And Joshua Boucher Carolyn O'Brien for helping with our submission reading.

And to Ben Errington, the enigmatic mage of messages, his content spells casting an indelible mark upon the digital scrolls of social media, leaving us forever enchanted.

Mike Garley is a writer of comics, games, screenplays and other such cool stuff. Mike wrote beActive Media's EMMY nominated comic series; Collider, as well as Wallace and Gromit, Adventure Time, Eponymous, The Kill Screen, and is also the editor of the Dead Roots comic anthology.

Shara Jahnke is a quirky, enigmatic laloceziac who lives in beautiful Eugene, Oregon. When she’s not fashioning medical products to rescue your squishy brains, she’s using her own to plot new story ideas, hone her archery skills, play video games, and occasionally lose herself in paralytic fits of existential dread. You can find her on Instagram at Zellezra, and Facebook at Shara Danaé Jahnke.

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