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Dream was produced by the story studio Hawk & Cleaver and its community. To support the studio and to join our discord community, head over to

Dream was written by Daniel Willcocks (

Editing and sound production by James Barnett AKA Jimmy Horrors of Dissonance Media.

Georgia Cook plays the role of Alice (

Josh Curran plays the role of Henry (

Manny Realguy plays the role of Father

Joseph Maudsley reprises the role of Old Knobbly (

A special thanks to our chanting cultists. A full list of contributors can be found at

The Dream Theme Music was created by Duncan Muggleton (

Music by Tim Kulig, Kevin Mcleod, and Dark Fantasy Studio.

Music: Various by Tim Kulig

Licensed under CC BY 4.0:

Music: Despair and Triumph by Kevin MacLeod

Free download: 

Licensed under CC BY 4.0: 

Sound Effects provided by 

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