Chrystyna Marie Tackles 3 Questions

What do you think the difference is between the music scene in Toronto and Pittsburgh?
If there was a catastrophic event and most of the human race is wiped off the face of the earth, which one of your songs would survive and help repopulate the earth?
What was your inspiration behind your most recent album? asked by Scarlet on Episode 45.
BONUS  24:42 Can you tell us about the moment that you knew that you had to be an artist.

About Chrystyna Marie

Genre: Blues/Pop/Rock

Band Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Where to find them:

Originally hailing from Toronto, Canada, Chrystyna Marie spills her soul, with a mix of grungy blues and a hint of pop.

About the Song, Loaded Gun

Basically the song is about an ex "fiance" who was a drummer...he lied to me about having kicked his Coke habit cause I'm not about that life. I found he was hiding it and a functioning addict like he couldn't live a good day without bumps in the bathroom every now and then. He got "depressed" and lost after being on tour all summer. We moved to the woods in a house we fixed up between tour dates. He threatened to use his gun one day. And i was like oh hell nah. One day he went to the store which was 40min away from the house and asked me to come I said I'll stay behind and clean the house. I pretty much have myself 30-40min to pack whatever i could into my car and peace the F out without a word. Ninja bounced. I had to be strategic on not being seen driving through town to get back to los Angeles . We lived in Washington state. I called my bff and said can I come stay and she's like the doors open.