Conflict Cycle, bringing a new wave of HEAVY METAL to Pittsburgh, join Bill on episode 553 of the Pennsylvania Rock Show.

Featuring music from: Shrouded in Neglect, Silk9, Conflict Cycle, Feast on the Fallen, Whitethrash
Segment 1 with Conflict Cycle

Where did the band name come from?
If there is an apocalyptic event that wipes out almost all the humans on Earth, what Conflict Cycle song should help with the repopulation of Earth?
If you were going to form a tribute band, which band would you do a tribute for, in hopes that you might end up on stage like Mark Wahlberg's character in Rockstar?
What band would you want to join on stage, who is your Dave Grohl?
What is something about Conflict Cycle that fans would be surprised to learn about you?
What song do you wish you would have written?
Who is one person who you would say has supported you as a musician and has been a really big help over the years.
What is something about the Pittsburgh Music Scene that you love, and something you hate?
Rick tells us about Cloak and Dagger.

Segment 2 with Conflict Cycle

If you had to form your own band from the local scene, who would you put in the band?
What cartoon series would they put your band into?
Peter Criss or Eric Singer? Ozzy or Dio? Sammy or David Lee Roth?
Would you be willing to do anything if it meant playing at MSG or Wembley?
Where can Conflict Cycle be found online?
If I found your band in a social studies book, why would you be there?