Matt of God Hates Unicorns and their roadie, Sal, join Bill to discuss the band and their newest release.

Featuring music from: Gonto, Defiant, God Hates Unicorns, Dragline, Skratch, 9Sundays, Starlight, & Alyssa Joseph
Segment 1 with God Hates Unicorns

How did the band form and where did the name, God Hates Unicorns, come from?
If they were going to name an ice cream after your band, what would they call it?
If you could switch lives with any musician in the history of time, who would you switch with and why?
What are some of your favorite venues that you have played? (check out SOS 2o2o)
Who is your Dave Grohl?
What God Hates Unicorn song could help repopulate the earth after an apocalyptic event?
Tell me a story about Gothic Jesus.

Segment 2

Can you pinpoint the exact time that you realized that you wanted to play music?
Pick any band member, and tell me an embarrassing moment that they had.
If you could open for any band in any venue...
Who would Bill fight?
Where can the listeners find your and your music online?