John Lane joins Bill on episode 556 and talked about The Hellfire Club and the pleasure John has working with Damon Conn, Dave Moore, Lee Heltzel, and Eric Matthews. We discussed the current writing that has been going on for THC. We discussed the Jedi Mike Palone and all the influential music and singers of Whiskey High and Skell. Talked about Rock for Life and the events Matt Ferrante and John have coming to Iselin Community Park/The American Hilljack Ranch. We touch on the SOS PGH as well as Bishop Savage's, Savage Media Group. John even got to say a few words about Jozey Zeitler and Jeff Graham of Jozey and The Corruption! We also touch on the club issues that the pandemic guidelines are causing.

Featuring music from: skell, The Hellfire Club, Jozey and the Corruption, Anxiety at Best