John "The American Hilljack" Lane front man for The Hellfire Club and Twelve Gauge Justice owner/proprietor of the Iselin Community Park, podcaster, and more... joins Bill for episode 613 of the Pennsylvania Rock Show.
Featuring music from: SuperXero, the Hellfire Club, Crash Army
Interview Segment with John Lane

Illusions of Grandeur was rescheduled for July 8th.
We chat a bit about Walter Wright formerly of skell.
John runs down the upcoming shows at Iselin Community Park including the Rock for Life Concert Series and the Salute for the Troops car show.
John gives us the run down on the 2 bands that he fronts: Twelve Gauge Justice & The Hellfire Club.
Bill does a little "podcast calendar" for the upcoming guests.
John tells us about his podcast series.
Bill mentions the Build the Scene Radio station sponsors.
What is the best pizza you've had because you're a musician?
Dave Grohl... Alley?!?
Would you come out of retirement to play the drums for the Foo Fighters?
John learns about