Keith "The Hawk" Hawkins, a professional drummer and co-host of The Loudini Rock and Roll Circus with Lou Lombardi and Lily V. Sixx joins Bill to talk about both the PGH & NOLA music scenes as well as his musical history.
Segment 1 with Keith Hawkins

How did you get hooked up with Lou and the Loudini Rock and Roll Circus.
What bands did you play in, in Pittsburgh?
Keith compares the drummers in the New Orleans and Pittsburgh scenes.
Do you have a steady gig in NOLA, or do you fill in a lot?
What is your current favorite whiskey? - asked by Jeff Yeckel
If you could follow any band around for a year to learn from them, which band would you follow?
If 10 years from now, kids are flipping through their social studies books and they find a you in the book, why is Keith Hawkins in the book?
What would your dream gig be?
If you were in a crowd and being pulled up on stage, who would be your "Dave Grohl"?
We talked about Black Laurel's album, Tales from the Motherland that Keith recorded on.

Segment 2 with Keith

How do the 2 scenes compare? (Pittsburgh and New Orleans)
What has been the oddest place that you've ever played in either scene?
We talked a little bit about Chris "Thunderwolf" Dodson's Wolf's Customs company.
If you could sit on a bench for a hour and talk to anyone from the history of music and ask them only 1 question, how would that go down?
If you were going to build a band to manage based on both the local scenes that you've been a part of, who would you put in the band, what band are they currently in, and what genre would they play?