Neostem joins Bill to introduce their new album, Germination, and discuss other things music scene related including Bill not being about to get his podcasts onto Pandora (haha).

Featuring music from: Rod Wilkins and the LOC Band, KARKIZZ, Neostem, Quiet Hours, Big Atlantic
Segment 1 with Neostem

If you were standing a crossroads waiting for the devil to show up, what are you going to sell your soul for?
We talk a bit about Bobby C of Royal Honey and Muscle of Love.
If you could play any musician in a documentary, who would you play?
What band would you want to go back in time to follow around for a full year to learn about them and their process, and why?
If you could sit on a bench with any musician for a hour, but only be able to ask 1 question...
The Dave Grohl Question...
You get a headlining spot on a world wide tour, what 2 local bands would you take with you?
What is a song that someone else wrote, that you wish your band had written?
Tell me a story about your song, Mudhole.

Segment 2 with Neostem

I'm flipping through a social studies book and find Neostem, why are you in there?
Tell me about an embarrassing moment that someone else had on stage.
If you could play anywhere with any band, where and who?
Where can people track down a copy of Germination?
What's next?