3 Questions loomed for Denman of Rod Wilkins and the LOC band for episode 53 of the podcast who's title explains exactly what it is except for when it doesn't like this episode!?!

Tell me an embarrassing story about one of your bandmates.
Over the span of your musical career, who have been your biggest supporters?
If I was flipping through a history book and I found your band in it, why is that band in there?
(BONUS) Who is your Dave Grohl?

About Rod Wilkins and the LOC Band
Genre Variety: Metal, Rock, Pop Punk
Band Location: Connellsville, PA

Where to find them:

Fun loving dudes who enjoy jamming with each other and acting like a bunch of kids!
About the song, Mr. Floppy
Fun song about a stu􀉡ed bunny and the kid who aggravated his parents with it. We are in the process of filming a video for it! Trying to have it drop by Easter 2021.