Episode 502 features the return of Stone Cold Killer to the Pennsylvania Rock Show. We discuss all things SCK including the new single, Programmed for Love and Destruction, and the Single release party on February 15, 2020.

Interview Segment 1 with Stone Cold Killer

  • If you could pick an album that you absolutely love and erase it from your memory so that you could listen to it for the very first time, again.. what album would you pick?
  • Imagine that there is a fire that destroys all music except for one song from every band. Which SCK song do you think should survive the history of the world?
  • SCK makes it big and they make a movie about you, who plays you?
  • If you can go back into time without harming the space-time continuum, and you spend a year following one band to make Stone Cold Killer better, which band do you follow and why? Also, how do you get your 1.21 Gigawatts to return to 2020?
  • If you could find that bench that everyone asks if you could sit on it for an hour and talk to anyone, which musician would you sit with and what would you ask them about?
  • How do you go about writing while you are polar opposites?
  • Tell us about the song, Programmed for Love and Destruction…

Interview Segment 2 with Curtis and Nate

  • Did you try balancing your broom, like everyone else on Facebook?
  • Tell me about your Single Release party on 2/15/2020.
  • How can my listeners find your online and get a copy of your music?
  • Did you hear about DVE’s Power Ballad contest?

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