Christina makes her second appearance on the Pennsylvania Rock Show on Episode 518 and brings her bandmate Mark along for the ride. They are 2 of the members of Pittsburgh band, The Shadow Event.
Segment 1 with The Shadow Event

If they were going to make a cartoon episode that features the Shadow Event, what cartoon series would it be, and what character would play you?
They are going to make a rockumentary about your band, who plays you?
What are the side effects of The Shadow Event?
If you could play with any band, like you're at a concert and they invite you up on stage, which band would you want to get up on stage with?
What genre is The Shadow Event?
I stole the topic from this week's Loudini Rock and Roll Circus, who are the best supergroups?
Build your own supergroup from the Pittsburgh Scene.

Segment 2 with Mark and Christina

10 years from now, kids are flipping through their social studies book and they get to the section on the pandemic and The Shadow Event is on the page, why are you there?
What's the best thing about the music scene? Worst thing?
Shout out to Durty Art- Bob Freyer
If you could take you favorite album and forget it so that you get the euphoria of hearing it for the first time again, which album would it be?

Being a KISS fan I had to add this: