Be sure to attend Our Panel! New Anime for Older Fans Friday, 9:00AM, Panel 4 - (WEWCC 150)

Welcome to a brand new Otakon. For several years it has become more and more obvious that the Baltimore Convention Center was just not big enough for Otakon. The byzantine layout of the multi building convention center mixed with overcrowding and harsh bottlenecks made the convention feel like it was ready to burst at the seams. While we are all going to miss the highs and lows of Baltimore the move to DC was long overdue. Moving always brings its own set of problems even in the best of circumstances it was a change that was unavoidable. That said there is a world of possibilities and opportunities that have now opened up and we hope to take advantage of them.

First and foremost the guest lineup this year is solid. Masao Maruyama is back. We have Japanese production guests Ei AokiTetsuya KinoshitaTomoki KyodaHidenori Matsubara, Katsuyuki Sumizawa, and Hideyuki Tomioka in attendance. Everything from directors to character designers. Toshio Furukawa and Shino Kakinuma are two older Japanese voice actors. The MAJOR advantage to seeing veteran voice actors: They are 1000% more likely to give you real answers to questions since they are fairly entrenched in the industry.

We'll be treated to dubbed and subbed showing of In This Corner of the World. And the Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution world premiere. There will also be screenings of the Anime Tamago 2016 short films and Lupin III: The Italian Game. Plus, there will be the East Coast premiere of Fate/Grand Order -1st Order-.

Our tentative schedule for the convention:

Friday 09:00AM New Anime for Older Fans (That's us!) 10:15AM Fate Universe: I Am the bone of My Panel… 11:30AM Bubblegum Crisis: 30th Anniversary 12:45PM Japanese Heraldry – The Evolution of the Mon 12:45PM Fire Emblem: Genealogy of a Strategy Game 02:00PM Shinto Shrine Opening Blessing and Shinto Basics 03:15PM Tomoki Kyoda Focus Panel  04:30PM Break the World's Shell: Apocalypse and Anime 04:30PM Toshio Furukawa & Shino Kakinuma Q&A 05:45PM Matsubara Live Drawing 07:00PM Writing for Anime w/ Katsuyuki Sumizawa 08:15PM Romance and Abuse in Shoujo Manga 08:30PM The History of Magical Girls  11:00PM Panelist Bootcamp

Saturday 09:00AM The First Mecha: From Postwar Japan to Mobile Suit Gundam 10:15AM Samurai Mythconceptions: Learn the Truths of the Legendary Japanese Warrior 11:30AM Otakorp and You: The Bylaws 01:30PM In This Corner of the World w/ introduction by Maruyama and Matsubara 05:00PM Dark Horse Manga 06:30PM Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution World Premiere Screening with Director Tomoki Kyoda 08:45PM Fullmetal Alchemy: The Real-World Alchemical Tradition and FMA 11:30PM Writing Renga and More

Sunday 09:00AM Iyashikei: Animated Healing 09:00AM Superheroes and Subversion: The Comedy of One-Punch man 10:15AM An Inherited War: Child Soldiers in the Gundam Universe 11:30AM Complex Motives: The Zero Escape Trilogy 12:45PM Discotek Media Industry Panel 03:00PM Closing Ceremonies  04:00PM Con Feedback Session