Be sure to attend Our Panel! New Anime for Older Fans Saturday, 5:45PM, Panel 4 - (WEWCC 151A)

2018 is the year of The Mecha at Otakon. Many of the guests are mecha related, and there are a whole slew of mecha panels and workshops every day.  Shoji Kawamori's work on Macross and The Vision of Escaflowne alone could give a convention a robotic atmosphere but Nobutoshi CannaKanetake EbikawaMasaya MatsukazeTatsuyuki Nagai, Yoh YoshinariToshifumi Yoshida, and Masahiko Otsuka make it a mecha matsuri. In addition, there's two Final Fantasy concerts, a healthy lineup of other guests, lots of non-mecha programming, and many of the people behind Mystic Messenger. So there is a smorgasbord of content for robot fans but enough for everyone else as well.

Beyond that, we are very curious to see how Otakon settles into DC in its second year. It will be interesting to see how many fans come back now that Otakon has shown that its first year in DC went well, how many new people come out thanks to positive buzz, and what Otakon does differently to capture the attention of fandom in general.

Our tentative schedule for the convention:

Friday09:00 AM Fate/Stay Confused 09:00 AM Transformers: The Birds & The Bumblebees 10:15 AM Toshifumi Yoshida Q&A 10:15 AM Gundam Wing: A Retrospective 12:45 PM ProZD Q&A 01:00 PM Nobutoshi Canna Autograph 01:00 PM Kanetake Ebikawa Autograph 01:00 PM Shoji Kawamori Autograph 02:20 PM Hiroatsu Kihara Q&A 03:15 PM Shoji Kawamori Q&A 04:00 PM Anime Magical Girl Photoshoot 04:30 PM Nobutoshi Canna Q&A 05:00 PM My Hero Academia Photoshoot 05:45 PM Kanetake Ebikawa Panel 07:00 PM The Science of Mecha 07:00 PM Distant Worlds: Music From Final Fantasy 08:30 PM Glittering Courtesans and Illustrious Geisha: The Working Women of Yoshiwara [18+] 08:45 PM For the Love of Folklore: A Fan Perspective on Rumiko Takahashi 09:30 PM The Evolution of Action Shōnen 10:45 PM A Brief History of Mecha: The Changing Symbolism of Giant Robots Over 50 Years 12:00 AM Panel Of The Galactic Heroes : A New Thesis

Saturday09:00 AM Mecha Fight Club: Discussions in Giant Robots 09:00 AM Cancelled Anime: Gone Before Their Time 10:15 AM A Look Inside Studio Pierrot 11:00 AM Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Photoshoot 11:30 AM PTSD in anime- Why all mecha pilots need therapy 12:15 PM Little Witch Academia Live Drawing 12:45 PM Apocalypse in Anime 02:30 PM Hi Score Girl Premiere 03:15 PM Firearms of the Empire of Japan 04:30 PM History of Mecha Pt. 1: The 60s & 70s 05:45 PM New Anime for Older Fans 07:00 PM Anime Face Lift: Remakes and Revivals Over the Decades 08:15 PM Fate/Stay Night and Type Moon: A World of Magic and Mystery 08:15 PM For Boys By Girls: The Women Who Make Shounen Manga 09:30 PM Coats, Steel, and Pixie-Cuts: The Life & Times of Nightow 10:45 PM Gattai! Mecha Anime of 198X

Sunday09:00 AM The Ultimate Tanaka Yoshiki Fan Panel 09:00 AM Dawn of the Rising Sun: Japan Before the Samurai 10:15 AM Yuri on Ice vs. Figure Skating 10:15 AM Tatsuyuki Nagai Q&A 11:30 AM Otakorp and You: Demographics and Financials 12:00 PM Maid for You - The Art of Table Talk & Japanese TTRPGs02:00 PM Anime’s Inside Jokes and Cultural References Explained  02:00 PM A New World: Intimate Music from Final Fantasy 03:00 PM Closing Ceremonies 04:00 PM Con Feedback Session