Richard consults a panel of three psychics who consult with the spirit world in order to solve several great Rock 'n Roll mysteries:  Will Led Zeppelin ever reunite?  When will The Rolling Stones finally retire?  What happened to Brian Jones and Jimi Hendrix?  Why did Manic Street Preachers' lyricist and guitarist Richey Edwards vanish?  Is Tupac Shakur still alive?


SLOAN BELLA: Born with psychic-mediumship abilities since birth, by the age of four Sloan learned to articulate nightly visits by other worldly beings, "aliens," and the spirits of those people who had crossed over.

By seventeen, Sloan was established as a professional psychic-medium, while deeply entrenched in the street, music vibe, while reading for everyone from Gregory Hines to Don Adams, as well as a large clientele which included street kids and runaways, teachers, musicians, businessmen, actors, strippers, Congressmen, housewives, athletes, and anyone who needed help. Sloan's abilities at one point were even sought after by the head of a major crime family. Sloan was always connected to the other side and one of the most unusual connections was her Mediumship communication with the late Jimi Hendrix, who guided her and aided her work on the streets of Toronto and Hollywood, as a "street psychic" with intuitive guidance to runaway and sexually-exploited children.

To this day, Sloan is still reading for people from every walk of life, and for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame musicians who have relied on her medical intuitiveness along with intuitive guidance in every area of their lives. Sloan is a published author and former newspaper stringer writer on metaphysics.

 CRAIG HAMILTON-PARKER's career as a psychic medium has been closely associated with his family and wife Jane. Soon after they met, Craig gave up his career as chief executive for an advertising agency and Jane her job as a psychiatric nurse to pursue a career as mediums. To earn a living they gave private readings and Craig wrote psychic news columns and 15 books for the US publisher Sterling, including: What to Do When You Are Dead; Messages from the Universe; Mystic Journey to India.

Craig has also written extensively about dream interpretation. His book, The Hidden Meaning of Dreams, became a best seller and he has hosted the US TV show, Nightmares Decoded. Craig and Jane now spend their time spreading their messages of mystical awareness and survival of death.

SIOBHAN SMITH is a British medium who has been described by her peers as a genuine and bright spiritual light. Raised by Irish Catholic parents, she grew up in a haunted house. Siobhan, her sister, mother and grandmother were all able to see, hear, and feel the angry spirit in their home who tried for years to get them to move. In the 1980s, Siobhan’s older sister developed childhood leukemia. After she passed away, she reached out to Siobhan from the spirit world and gently pushed and prodded Siobhan to accept and develop her spiritual abilities.