Richard explores the suspicious "drowning" death of Brian Jones, founder of The Rolling Stones.  Jones' lifeless body was found at the bottom of his swimming pool at his home in East Sussex, England on July 2nd, 1969.  Several weeks prior to his death, fellow Stones Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, and Charlie Watts showed up at Jones' house and kicked him out of the band.  At the time of his death, Jones was surrounded by a cast of suspicious characters, most of whom were with him at Cotchford Farm during his final hours.  Did Jones drown as a result of an asthma attack, or some other hidden medical condition?  Was it due to excessive drinking and drug taking?  Or, was Jones the victim of foul play, possibly even murder?


Geoffrey Giuliano is the author of some thirty internationally best selling books on the Beatles, John Lennon and other iconic musicians of the 1960’s. In 2006 his book, Paint It Black: The Murder Of Brian Jones'  was made into a film by Stephen Woolley and Nik Powell entitled, ‘Stoned / The Wild & Wicked World Of Brian Jones.’ It remains a cult classic and the only film bio of the Rolling Stones.



Giuliano is also a veteran journalist having written for dozens of high profile newspapers and magazines including; The Sunday People, The Daily Mail, The News Of The World, The Mail On Sunday, Playgirl and Rolling Stone.

A noted film actor, Giuliano starred in such movies as ‘Vikingdom’, ‘Scorpion King 3’, ‘Jules Verne’s The Mysterious Island’, ‘The Fifth Execution’, ‘Far Cry 3’ ‘Fire Fire Desire’ among many. In addition, he hosted the long running North American syndicated radio series, ‘Geoffrey Giuliano’s Roots Of Rock’ for five years, as well as pioneering the audio book industry in the 1990’s by authoring, narrating and producing over 250 original, non-book based, interview driven productions. Giuliano’s publishers included Random House, Harper Collins, Delta Entertainment, Durkin Hayes, Playaway Audio, Speech Works and B&B Audio – among dozens more internationally. In 1998 Random House acquired his firm, Tribute Audio, for which Giuliano acted as CEO and publisher for five years. His best selling audio book, ‘That Fateful Night / True Stories Of Titanic Survivors In Their Own Words’ was nominated for a Grammy. In 2014 Geoffrey Giuliano founded Icon Editions and G2 Media Arts to market his updated works as well as publish new projects.

Paul Spendel is a Dutch freelance copy writer. He also researched and co-authored (with Terry Rawlings) Brian Jones - The Final Truth: The Murder of a Rolling Stone. Currently, Paul and his British counterparts are working on a documentary about Brian's death to be released in 2019.

Bill Wyman  is an English musician, record producer, songwriter and singer. He was the bass guitarist for the English rock and roll band the Rolling Stones from 1962 until 1993. (Bill Wyman audio courtesy of G2 Media Arts)