The life and strange death of Bobby Fuller - the handsome and multi-talented singer/guitarist and frontman of The Bobby Fuller Four - is examined through conversations with the band's drummer and the co-author of a book about the young musician.

Robert (DeWayne) Quirico is a professional drummer, best known for his work with The Bobby Fuller Four. One of his most notable works is his unique percussion work on the band's biggest hit, "I Fought the Law."

At the unavailability of drummer Dalton Powell, Bobby Fuller personally chose Quirico to be the band's drummer upon their relocation to ollywood from El Paso. Quirico played on every single release by the band up until "I Fought the Law," and was present during the band's rise to fame in Hollywood. His drumming is also featured on the band's only two studio albums, KRLA King of the Wheels and I Fought the Law. Quirico was also featured alongside the rest of the band in the 1966 film, The Ghost in the Invisible Bikini. Quirico later left the band in 1965, citing a disagreement. Dalton Powell was then brought in as his replacement.

Miriam Linna is a musician, and former drummer with The Cramps.  She is the co-founder of the New York City based label, Norton Records, and the co-author (along with co-author Randell Fuller) of I Fought the Law: The Life and Strange Death of Bobby Fuller.  Her skill as a drummer earned her a "May I recommend?" nod from Bob Dylan on his XM Theme Time Radio Hour program (episode 37) in January 2007.