Did legendary Delta Blues guitarist Robert Johnson sell his soul to the devil in exchange for fame?  Did the devil teach Johnson to play the guitar in the cemetery?  How else to explain how he was able to master his instrument in so little time?  How might that deal have gone down on that moonless night at the crossroads just outside Clarksdale, Mississippi?

Richard speaks with a researcher/author about the legend of the devil and the crossroads.  They'll attempt to separate fact from fiction while examining  the legendary bluesman's life and death.

Richard also replays the last radio conversation he had with his late partner, rock historian R. Gary Patterson, who recounts his bizarre pilgrimage to The Crossroads in search of a souvinir.  It was a trip that almost ended tragically.  Was it the "Curse of the Crossroads" playing out

Matt Swayne is a journalist who currently works as a researcher writerat Penn State, and is also the author Haunted Rock & Roll: Ghostly Tales of Musical Legends.

R. Gary Patterson was known as the "Fox Mulder of Rock."  His book Take a Walk on the Dark Side; Rock and Roll Myths, Legends, and Curses is a must read for all serious fans of Rock. Previously he wrote another classic, The Walrus Was Paul: The Great Beatle Death Clues