Richard speaks with two authors about a supposed conspiracy to change standardized tuning for musical instruments from 432 Hz to 440 Hz in order to sow discord and disharmony.


Marty Leeds is the author of three books, The Peacock's Tales - The Alchemical Writings of Claudia PavonisPi & The English Alphabet Vol. 1; and Pi & The English Alphabet Vol. 2     Marty  has an ongoing lecture series available for free on He is the host of the podcast The Marty Leeds' Mathemagical Radio Hour discussing everything from myth, math, spirituality, philosophy, sacred geometry, lost civilizations and the holy sciences. Marty has been a guest on many popular podcasts, and was a featured speaker at the Free Your Mind Conference in Philadelphia in 2013.


Truth addict Brendand D. Murphy is the co-founder of Trooth [link >] social network (where free speech lives), and co-founder of Global Freedom Movement, which he runs with his partner Aimee.  He is the author of the ground-breaking book The Grand Illusion: A Synthesis of Science and Spirituality .  
Brendan also facilitates sound-based “DNA activations,” offering conscious seekers a trigger point for accelerated evolution, embodiment, and multi-levelled healing. He has spoken at various events, including Nexus Conference and Afterlife Explorers, and has been widely published, including in Nexus and New Dawn magazines.