Pat Simmons and Tom Johnston, the leaders of the Doobie Brothers, offer up a tag-team oral history with writer Chris Epting on the legendary rock band in "Long Train Runnin'." Their five decade journey, the longevity, success, drama and even the biker bars are all here. Chris joins us to recount their history, including the events that shelved Johnston and brought in Michael McDonald for The Doobies second wildly successful lineup. Chris has also worked with a number of musicians on their memoirs, including John Oates, Leif Garret, and members of Tesla and Def Leppard, as well as an upcoming book on and with Dave Mason. If that’s not enough. Epting has also written several great reads on pop culture, and pop music culture. They are the road map to many a great road trip, particularly if you’re curious where many a rocker were born, lived, slept and died, and just where Madonna’s bra currently resides.

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