What a dang treat to talk to the legend herself Susan Werner on Basic Folk! Susan was born and raised on her family's 140 acre farm near Manchester, Iowa. Her and her siblings helped out on the farm growing up. At a young age she noticed the divide between kids who lived in town and the farm kids: namely that the town kids wore the same clothes all day instead of changing into work clothes after school to get to work. We talk about this realization as well as music growing up in the house and her family's sense of humor. There's a great explanation of different types of agriculture for my aggie fans and a conversation of of faith from an agnostic's perspective. Susan is a versatile musician who likes to explore different sounds and themes of her album. Case in point, her 2017 EP surrounds the sounds of Cuba, which laid the foundation for her newest album, 2019's NOLA. Hope you enjoy this engaging and wildly fun interview with the one and only Susan Werner.

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