Son of a major car dealer and raised in mansion with a horse paddock and a pond, listen to the musical history of Bobby Shazam. A child of the 80's, he falls in love with rap and break dancing. He teaches himself the wheels of steel, the 1's & 2's and after meeting Mike Clarke he signs a deal with Jive Records and starts as the opening act for Boogie Down Productions.

A regular performer at many of Detroit's East Side house parties, he came up along side other local rappers like; Esham, Insane Clown Posse and Slim Shady himself, Eminem. One thing this white rapper will tell you, he hates being compared to Vanilla Ice and blames Rob Van Winkle for setting his career back a couple of years and making it harder to succeed in the music business.

With his metoritc rise to the top, he marries BayWatch beach runner, Pamela Anderson. With the ups come the downs, he gets into a fist fight at the MTV VMA Awards with Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee, he punched out a strip club DJ in Nashville and has a traditional Atlanta Waffle House Brawl. Baw-wit-the-baw, it's time to get raw, it's the roll of Kid Rock!

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