We are back with a double dose of DBRP. Our entire region of the Bay Area in California is under "shelter in place" orders so we do a quick check-in to see how people are passing the time and staying sane in these crazy times. Then we have a great and frankly inspiring interview with Count Bass D, whose debut album came out 25 years ago and his latest album CBD came out last week. The Count discusses his life growing up playing in church bands, tells great stories about collaborating with MFDOOM, and being treated as a "guest" in hip-hop culture. CBD is full of life and ready to assert himself as one of the only members of his generation still making waves in the culture.

Next up we have a special in-studio interview with Platurn & Edgewize, a DJ/MC duo with a new EP called Apatheater on Needle To The Groove Entertainment (full disclosure, Dave is a partner in the label). They took hip-hop back to the essence of dope beats and dope rhymes with no frills but a modern sensibility on the new project and we were happy to have them on. As you can imagine, it's very hard to promote a record in the current environment and we are happy to provide artists on our wavelength with the opportunity. All beats on this episode except our theme song were produced by DJ Platurn!

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