This week we have built an episode around the city of Los Angeles. First up the fellas tell some stories of memorable visits to LA. Then we have an interview with Sean Kantrowitz and DJ Steve 1der of LA-based trivia game The Questions Hip Hop. The Questions began as a live event that has now morphed into a popular live stream that combines interviews with an interactive trivia game. They have had an illustrious guest list on the live stream thus far (including us!) and are making serious moves to grow their brand. Next up we have an interview with author Felicia Viator. Felicia is a former DJ (bay areans may remember her exploits as DJ Neta) who is now a history professor at San Francisco State University. She wrote a book called To Live and Defy In LA: How Gangsta Rap Changed America and she joins us to discuss the text and how the current protests against police brutality have roots in the 1992 LA uprising. In an unprecedented move we have a third interview for you. MC AWOL ONE, who possesses one of hip-hop's iconic voices, joins us to talk about Project Blowed, The Shapeshifters, wordless raps, and his upcoming project with Pigeon John.