Today we’re excited to welcome California native and now Nashville-based singer-songwriter, the always delightful Nicki Bluhm. “My perspective on life and love has made a shift, for the better,” shares Bluhm, the acclaimed artist behind Avondale Drive, her newest studio album out now on Compass Records.

Bluhm pointed out in a recent Q&A that one silver lining of the pandemic was that all musicians were grounded at home and had time on their hands and were jonesing to be creative. With no touring happening, there were so many artists who decided to set up little home recording rooms. Because we were all physically isolated, she points out, sharing tracks and flying them to musician friends was a way to commune and collaborate, giving each musician the freedom to interpret, express and add to the songs in their own unique way. That’s how Bluhm’s new record came together, and you’ll learn all about this hour. 

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