Episode 10 opens up at the site of the Bricklayer’s Arms Public House, in Soho, West London, where Brian Jones met with two younger men, school chums, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, in the fall of 1963.

The three of them share a passion for American music—especially the amped-up, tough-sounding Chicago Blues coming out of Chess Records.

We tell a story about the Rolling Stones by telling a story about the music of Black America—because we think that’s the REAL origin story of the Stones. First, last, and always, the Stones have always been sincere and passionate lovers of American Blues, R&B, and Soul.

We meet some academics: folklorists and anthropologists who traced the early roots of the Blues and some of the early practitioners of this uniquely American art form. We tell a story that has not been well told until very recently:  the story of the Great Migration, which carried the Blues up and out of the Mississippi Delta to the big cities of the north, and then to the world.  

This journey of nearly 70 years takes us back to where we started, West London. It’s 1964 and the Rolling Stones are banging out the blues before rabid crowds in London clubs. They’ve attracted the notice of the Beatles, and a record deal is imminent.

'Roll Away the Stones' is essentially the tale of a lifelong love affair between “England’s Newest Hit Makers” and the music of Black America.

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