Welcome back to Rock N Roll Archaeology!

In Episode 12, “Machine Gun,” we profile Jimi Hendrix. As we often do, we will set the story of the musician against the events of the time.

Jimi’s astonishing, supernatural talent was forged in poverty and neglect as he grew up in Seattle. We talk about that, and about the night Elvis came to town. After a short stint in the Army comes to a humiliating end, Jimi takes it on the road and spends the next four years paying his dues as a sideman.

We then take a look at two wars: a shooting war in Vietnam, and a cultural war in America. As we hurtle towards the closing years of the decade, Rock N Roll is reflecting and absorbing the events of the time.

We end up in London for the liftoff. We close with some commentary about the man, the music, and the price of stardom.

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