KISS was so important to your hosts, The Wolf & Action Jackson, as part of the foundation of their love of rock n roll, live music and their friendship. That's why they invited Tom & Zeus from Shout It Out Loudcast to come on the premier episode of First Concert Memories, our monthly sidecast, and talk about the first time they saw KISS. For FCM 4, we welcome back Sonny "Hollywood" Pooni of Grown Up Rock Podcast and The Album Review Crew to talk about the first time he ever saw legendary KISS lead guitarist Ace Frehley play live. The Wolf and Action saw Ace as a solo act in the 1990s but Sonny saw him as a co-headliner with Y&T in 1987 and he shares with us how important it was to him to see Ace.

Sonny go into KISS during the Asylum era and then learned that KISS used to have makeup and had different members of the band. From there he picked up Ace's first solo effort (aside from the 1978 KISS solo albums) Frehley's Comet and it furthered endeared him to Ace's style. Ace famously has had bouts with drugs and alcohol and Sonny relates a story of seeing Ace fall off the stage as well as why the band was so much better with Tod Howarth than in later years without him. If you've seen Ace recently, odds are you were disappointed as he seems a shell of his former self. That's why we wanted to share some memories from when Ace was still in strong form and delivering solid live shows.

Sonny is opinionated and you'll hear all his takes on Ace, the shows he has seen and he even provided a bootleg recording of the show which is an FCM first! All Ace Frehley and KISS fans will love this one!

Visit Sonny on Twitter (X) and listen to Growin Up Rock wherever you get your podcasts!

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