A Neil Young podcast walks into a pub and talks about Thin Lizzy...

It's Saint Patrick's Day! So we're taking a quick break from Neil's catalogue and diving into some good old Irish rock n' roll - Thin Lizzy's first self titled album. You're probably asking yourself if a Neil Young podcast can just decide to do an episode about something not really Neil related at all and the answer is we can do whatever we want.

Mike's out for this one, so our good pal Will Martin is taking his place! We talk about the formation of Thin Lizzy. The range of this album. Russ is mad that he slept on it for so long. We try and figure out who Ireland's Neil Young is. We geek the hell out over Phil's bass playing and Brian's drumming. It's a hell of a time. Truly. 

Thanks to Will Martin for filling in for Mike!

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