With your chrome heart podcastin' in the sun, long may you run, Youngsters! Strap in. We're talkin' Long May You Run, and oh boy is it a change of pace. Yes, we know it's a Stills-Young band album, but for crying out loud the name of our podcast is Long May You Young, so we figured we had no choice. Not gonna try and sugar coat it, this is a rough one. We talk about Still's drunkenly CB'ing Neil's tour bus and causing Neil to cancel the rest of the tour. Luke has a weird love for Midnight On The Bay. Mike suggests Neil invented Yacht Rock with this album. Chrome Dreams theories are discussed. Russ takes too much Advil and dives deep into Neil Young tattoo ideas. We play Make Love To You way too much and Mike gets a bit sultry. It's a wild ride. Eat a peach.

This show is part of Pantheon Podcasts.