Back in late 2015 for episode 84 of LTA, I was joined by my friend and fellow jazzhead, Terry Frost to discuss 6 jazz albums we dug (I did it again for episode 95 in 2016 by myself – not as much fun). 

Episode 131 is now available to groove on. Terry joins me again as we stroke our goatees, snap our fingers and say things like “groovy daddy-o”……well, at least the part that's true is that Terry joins me again on the podcast to talk about some more jazz albums we love.

Bear in mind, we talk about this purely as lovers of the broad umbrella that the label “jazz” gives shelter to. We are not purists, nor graduates of Berklee College Of Music….but that’s the point. You can love and articulate the artform without having to be an “expert”. Tune in and be convinced. 

Like last time, Terry and I talk decided to Take Six platters that matter (with apologies to Dave Brubeck). We each picked three albums to have a conversation about…..both iconic and little known gems (at least to us). We had a great time and hope you will enjoy. You’ll have to tune in to hear our choices. I won’t reveal them here, but you won’t be moanin’ about our selections…… 

You can download the episode from Spotify, Stitcher or iTunes (search for “Love That Album podcast”) or from the website 

My huge thanks to Terry, who was an inspiration to me to start podcasting in the first place back in 2011. Trust me – he KNOWS his cinema history (as well as jazz music). You can hear him on his podcasts Paleo Cinema ( and  Martian Drive In Podcast (, watch his Youtube Channel Terry Talks Movies ( or catch him every Wednesday evening on ABC Radio Darwin discussing….you guessed it…..films.

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