IGH! It's The Big Day today, Stoppies, the Season 3 Premiere of Make It Stop! And to celebrate our Big Day, we're reviewing... The Big Day! Chance The Rapper's "first album" and massive fall from grace.

After dropping his all time classic mixtape Acid Rap and following it up with the massively successful gospel rap fusion of Coloring Book, Chance finally released an official album -- a concept album about loving his wife, loving god, and really really REALLY loving his wife. Devoid of replay value or any remotely appealing elements and clocking in at over 70 minutes, The Big Day is in the running for biggest disappointment in hip-hop history. And is there something dark and sinister beneath the glossy surface? Is there a great pain and resentment lurking between the lines?

Chance The Rapper Ex-Superfans Mike and Heather hit the studio by their lonesome to ponder these thoughts, searching for an answer to the grand question of WHY? WHY DID HE DO THIS? WHAT HAPPENED TO OUR CHANCE? It's "great" to be back Stoppies!

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