Ladies, gentlemen, esteemed guests, THE CHAMP. IS HERE. The Massachusetts-grown 10 time world champion, human meme, and all around beefcake John Cena is the subject of today's episode -- specifically, his 2005 rap album WWE: You Can't See Me. A time capsule of mid-aughts hubris, You Can't See Me is equal parts ghastly vanity project and ill-conceived showcase for Cena's dipshit cousin Tha Trademarc. The two MCs trade verses about shooting guns and flipping bricks as the eyes of every listener collectively roll deep into their skulls at the audacity and caucasity. Local filmmaker and wrestling afficionado Tony Fernandez joins Heather and Mike to analyze the merits and flaws of Make It Stop's latest white rap slog. You feeling froggy, Stoppies? THEN JUMP.

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