Welcome to our nightmare, Stoppies!

It's our first episode of the 2020 MARCH BADNESS TOURNAMENT, where the lowest rated artists from the past decade duke it out to be crowned the worst of the worst. Today's showdown begins with a familiar foe, bane of the pod Eminem and the 2009 edition of his perpetual tired ass comeback routine, Relapse. Facing off against Marshall is the milquetoast mason jar wedding band Imagine Dragons and their 2014 record Smoke + Mirrors, an album distinguished only by the fact that every song featured on it has probably washed over you in a dentist's waiting room at some point. Helping us navigate this miserable matchup are fellow bad music experts Patrick and Lilz of Jukebox Zeroes, who do their best to provide objective critique while we slowly descend into madness.

Who will win (or in this case, lose) - the self deprecating, over compensating musical masochism of Eminem or the literal nothingness of Imagine Dragons? All we know is that no matter who wins in March Badness, we all lose.

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