Just when you thought March couldn't get any badder, it goes ahead and gets way, way worse. Seriously, what the fuck? With a nation in turmoil, a pandemic growing exponentially more serious by the hour, and all of us confined to our houses in order to attempt to stave off an even more nightmarish dystopian timeline that seems more inevitable each day, what the fuck is a #stoppie to do? What we always do: eviscerate the most miserable audio excrement the industry has to offer. The second March Badness Semifinal round heats up with a head to head battle between horny late stage Warped Tour trashboys Hollywood Undead vs. the audio equivalent of a Crate and Barrel catalog, Imagine Dragons. Distract yourself from the sense of impending doom by deep diving with us and returning guest, dear friend of the pod Ben Stein to decide which stupid band is stupider. It's not like you have anything better to do. Part of the Pantheon Podcast Network.

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