Even though they'd go on to extend their careers another three decades, The Rolling Stones were already Old Bags of Bones when they released Dirty Work in 1986. Mick Jagger was content to sod off and work on his questionable solo project, Charlie Watts was so zonked on heroin the band needed to hire session drummers to finish the record, and the rest of the band was so sick of each other that they all retreated into the world of oversized neon pink blazer afficionada. Comedian and Stones Superfan Jere Pilapil joins us to discuss this opiate hangover set to tape, and we dive into the band's past, present and future to figure out just how severely it tarnished their legacy. What's the worst offense? The vastly inferior cover of R&B legends Bob & Earl's "Harlem Shuffle"? Their labored take on dub reggae? Or Keith Richards' terrifying lullaby? The one thing that's certain is that we can't... and I can't stress this enough... get no satisfaction on this week's Make It Stop.

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