For this episode, we had the immense pleasure of speaking with film maker, author music fan, and all around amazing person: Aidan Prewett.

Aidan has written Woodstock at 50: Anatomy of a Revolution, Our Jimi: An intimate portrait of Jimi Hendrix through Interviews with Friends and Colleagues and To Know John Lennon: An intimate portrait from his Friends, Colleagues and Family. These books can all be found at and on Amazon. His films include A Venue for the End of the World and The Trump Antidote.

In this episode, Aidan tells us about when he discovered his love for music, and it's a story you won't expect. We discussed how he as a filmmaker came to capturing the feeling of documentary through books that are interview based. This is such a fun episode! Aidan is a natural story teller, and he tells us some hilarious stories that won't spoil here, but that will definitely make you laugh.

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