“They were two lost souls who had found each other, Their relationship came out of their inability to find what they wanted in the outside world. They were on the same wavelength. They fit each others needs. They were dependant on each other. They cared for each other. To them, what they had together was genuine love.”  - Deborah Spungen

In this episode we shine a light on the iconic punk duo Sid and Nancy. A lot has been said about the pair over the years, and while researching for this episode we were shocked at how negative the media has painted Nancy who at heart was a troubled, very young woman. In this episode you'll hear all about their lives pre-punk, how they came together and how their equally self-destructive behaviour would be their downfall.

Using both Deborah Spungen's book And I Don't Want to Live This Life: A Mothers Story of her Daughters Murder and Malcolm Butt's biography Sid Vicious: Rock n Roll Star, you'll hear a different side to Nancy and discover why Lynx dubbed her "The Yoko Ono of Punk". Make sure you pick up Deborah's book for an even more in depth look at Nancy!

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