Stardust is a magnificent creature who does it all. So who is Stardust? Perhaps the better question is, WHAT is Stardust?

Chanty first met Stardust at the Las Vegas Doll Con and was immediately enraptured by her beauty. Then, she heard her speak and thought, "I need to know more"!

Stardust is an artist, jewelry maker, story teller and writer based in Los Angeles. She has written and published works of fantasy, and has a magazine dedicated to music and muses called Starseed Magazine.

Today we talk about her most memorable concerts, her connection to Pamela Des Barres and the LA dolls, her jewelry line Twisted, by Stardust, her love and passion for Ozzy Osbourne, how music can save your life and the soul connection between us.

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Find her book here: Dragon Soul

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