This week we take you to Kingston, Jamaica where Bob and Rita met and fell in love.

Rita was still just a teen when she met The Wailing Wailers and began doing backing vocals for them. At the studio she began to get close to one member in particular, Robert, better known as Bob Marley. Their affection for each other grew fast and strong and before long the young couple were married.

From the get go Rita looked at her marriage as a partnership. Rita was there with Bob through years of struggle, yet their love for one another and their dreams of making it big never faltered. When Bob did finally reach success Rita was alongside with him, touring for 7 years with her backing band, the I-Three.

While over the years their relationship would shift from that of lovers to great friends, Rita would be there for Bob until the very end and continues to maintain his legacy.

Make sure to check out Rita's autobiography No Woman, No Cry: My Life with Bob Marley.

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