This week we cannot be more excited to introduce our listeners to Glockabelle. Glockabelle is a kick ass musician who plays 2 Casio VL-tones and a glockenspiel with 8 thimbles. Her unique sound makes for one hell of a live show, which she describes as a "glockenspiel-synth exorcism". Yeah, we thought you'd be intrigued!

When it comes to talent and creativity Annabelle aka Glockabelle is limitless. When's the last time you saw a Casio shredding force of nature who created a new way of playing the glockenspiel with thimbles instead of mallots? We caught up with Annabelle to discuss her musical background, how she came up with her unique sound and what it's like to experience a Glockabelle show. We also talk about her past collaborations with artists such as The Go! Team, the time a Japanese documentary team followed her to SXSW, and so much more! Listen to our interview and discover your new favourite artist!

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