While some may think it was Ozzy who introduced Sharon to the world of rock n roll truth is she was partying with the animals long before the Prince of Darkness entered the picture.

Daughter of infamous music manager turned gangster Don Arden, Sharon entered the family business as a teen and soon became her fathers right hand man helping to manage bands such as ELO and Black Sabbath.

When Sabbath fired frontman Ozzy Osbourne for his drug and alcohol addiction, Sharon stood by his side and took over his management, helping to build one of the most successful solo careers of all-time while also falling deeply in love.

While they're love affair has stood the test of time it was certainly not always smooth sailing. Years of addiction and extremely violent behaviour marred their private life, but the pair always managed to pull through the worst of it and will be celebrating their 38th wedding anniversary this summer.

Whether you love them or hate them one thing is for sure, Sharon and Ozzy are pure rock n roll.

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