We begin our batch of year-end recaps with our top 10 discoveries of 2019. While there was certainly a ton of great new releases this year (and we'll review those next week), sometimes it's the album put out decades ago that ended up being your heaviest rotation of the year. If you're hearing it for the first time - it's just as new to your ears as the latest single from your favorite artist. So this episode is all about those amazing discoveries that we stumbled upon this year, some of these songs a few years old, and some a few decades old!


  1. A L E X - Its Been A Really Long Time
  2. Textual - Dirty South Still Life
  3. Toe - tremelo+delay
  4. The Soft Boys - School Dinner Blues
  5. Pinkshinyultrablast - Land's End
  6. Frankie Broyles - L Bright
  7. Narrow Head - Uncover
  8. Al Green - Get Back (Beatles Cover)
  9. Sweet Trip - To The Moon
  10. The Soundcarriers - Step Outside

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