If you walked into a dance club in 1991, you may have heard Seal's first big single "Killer": the acid house crossover hit with DJ and producer Adamski. And if you sat through the Batman Forever credits in 1995, you heard a completely different sound with "Kiss From A Rose". Between his first two records (both self-titled), the number of musicians that sat in the studio for these recordings with Seal is staggering, and his sound and style is just as varied and wide-ranging.


  1. Seal - Kiss From a Rose
  2. Seal - The Beginning
  3. Seal - Bring It On
  4. Seal - Dream in Metaphors
  5. Seal - Fast Changes
  6. Mk.gee - dimeback
  7. Benedek - On My Way
  8. LL Burns - Get Me Back in the Game

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