Phantom Planet was once most notably known as the group that sings that song from The O.C. (you know, the one that goes "California, here we come!"). But on their 2004 self-titled record, they traded in those melodic, poppy song structures for a more frenetic, fuzz-driven garage sound. We argue in this episode that this is perhaps one of the greatest garage rock records to come out of the early 2000s (certainly one of the most overlooked and under-appreciated), with its impassioned vocal performances, pummeling drums and bass, and guitar riffs that could punch through a wall.


  1. Phantom Planet - Big Brat
  2. Phantom Planet - Nobody's Fault
  3. Phantom Planet - Jabberjaw
  4. Phantom Planet - After Hours
  5. Phantom Planet - You're Not Welcome Here
  6. Phantom Planet - The Meantime
  7. The Spirit of the Beehive - hypnic jerks
  8. Arms of Tripoli - Edwards Edward

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